DJEMIEL Christophe

DJEMIEL Christophe


Pôle :    MicSol          Equipe :  BIOCOM

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Education and diplomas
Ph.D. thesis in Environmental Biology, Population and Ecology, UGSF laboratory, University of Lille 1 (France), with highest honors
2013 Master's degree in computer science, University of Bordeaux (France), with highest honors
2011 Bachelor's degree in Biology, University of Bordeaux (France)
2009 2-year technical college degree, St. Louis High School (Bordeaux - France) with honors
Qualification for a position as an assistant professor in a French University
CNU64, CNU65, CNU67, CNU68

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I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at INRAE of Dijon (UMR1347 - BIOCOM team). My overarching
research career goal is to use High-Throughput Sequencing and more specifically the meta-omics for
understanding the structure, function, and diversity of various microbiome within various ecological ecosystems. My academic training in biology and computer science was supplemented by a doctorate in microbial ecology. My research interests cover the areas of Big Data, Software Development and Microbial Ecology.
Professional experiences
Postdoctoral research fellow in soil microbial ecology
- FungiMic-RMQS project: Biogeography and spatial ecology of soil fungi in France (2019 - current)
- Project: APORTHE: What is the impact of manure spreading practices of mixed pig-cattle systems in Massif Central grasslands on soil microbiology?
- Study of the technosols microbiology (2018 - 2019)

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Date de création : 24 juillet 2023 | Rédaction : VN